20% Off for New Customers!

Every new customer who walks into our store or schedules a pickup and delivery with our app receives 20% off on their first order!  11,928 total views,  24 views today

 11,928 total views,  24 views today

Free Delivery using our Phone App!

Use our handy phone app for scheduling pickups and deliveries!  13,389 total views,  24 views today

 13,389 total views,  24 views today

We do Wash & Fold & Comforters!

No time to do your own laundry and you just need your laundry washed and folded? We are the place for you! Comforters are just too big for your machine at home. Not for OUR machines! In our plant, we…

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Previous Clients Pickup

With the sudden closure of this dry cleaning location in February of 2022, there are many clients who are needing to pick up their laundry. We are here to find and return your clothes that were left here.

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